Nlyte Software’s Nlyte 9.0 is the company’s newest version of the award-winning DCIM solution is completely redesigned from the ground-up to streamline and personalize the user experience for more efficient operational processes in data centers and colocation facilities while adding robust support of REST APIs across the entire solution for improved interoperability.

Nlyte 9.0 includes complete support for REST APIs which enable developers to perform requests and receive responses via HTTP protocol, such as GET and POST, customizing the way Nlyte 9.0 extracts information from homegrown management systems, Building Management Systems (BMS), IT Service Management (ITSM) systems, or other financial applications. This unique ability improves the capabilities to track equipment from the moment it arrives on the dock to when it is scheduled to be decommissioned — a.k.a “dock to decomm.”

 Some of the unique Nlyte 9.0 features include:

  • Improved user interface: Newly designed, engaging and informative screens.

  • Streamlined user experience: New HTML 5 design allows for one-click actions and auto-save.

  • Support for any browsers and mobile devices: Offers support for HTML 5.

  • Tile-based user interface: Enables users to personalize layouts and determine specific information they wish to work with.

  • Multi-level historical bread crumb navigation: Allows for easy views of recently visited pages with deep recall navigation displaying user’s last data changes in an overlay page that can be saved, moving away from current page views.

  • Pervasive contextual search across the solution: Easily locating relevant data in any given screen or process.

  • Easier integration into other systems: Enables any Nlyte information, screens or processes, to be tightly integrated with other applications, bolstering DCIM’s value to an organization.

  • Hundreds of new interface improvements and wizards: Designed to streamline and save time for Nlyte users.