Aligned Energy has announced that Sharp HealthCare, a preeminent not-for-profit health care provider based in San Diego, has signed a multi-year colocation contract for Aligned’s adaptive data center in Phoenix.

“As San Diego’s leading health care system, our citizens rely on Sharp Healthcare’s commitment to patient-centered medical excellence,” said Michael Murphy, president and CEO, Sharp HealthCare. “We selected Aligned Energy as our colocation partner for numerous reasons but one major differentiator was their flexibility and their ability to deploy varying density within aisles. This was important in our decision process because as we continue to grow and expand our services, we needed an experienced partner who can future-proof our data center needs and scale with us on demand as we need to.”

Aligned Energy’s data center infrastructure is unique in that it responds to both standard and dynamic workloads with flexible rack densities of up to 50 kW, or 1,000 W/sq ft, enabling customers to deploy computational applications without latency or disruption.

“Additionally, Aligned Energy’s data center is considered a ‘sustainable redevelopment project,’ which qualifies us for Arizona’s equipment sales tax exemption for 20 years, significantly lowering our total IT infrastructure costs,” added Murphy.

“Sharp HealthCare is in the incredibly important business of saving lives, and the company has built a reputation of providing the highest medical service to its patients,” said Andrew Schaap, CEO, \Aligned Energy. “We’re delighted to support them to ensure their dynamic workloads are met with 100% uptime so that they remain at the forefront of medical innovation and compassionate care.”