Raritan® asked experts from MITRE Corp., 451 Research, and OptiCool Technologies to share their views on the most disruptive technologies and trends shaping the data center and what the data center will look like in 2025.

Representing the viewpoints of customers and solution providers, these experts in a roundtable discussion explored topics ranging from cooling- and capacity-on-demand, to unified smart management dashboards, to the emergence of new data center designs driven by function — from the traditional core to the edge.

To hear the roundtable discussion and predictions check out the recorded webinar.

Webinar participants include: Jim Treadway, chief engineer-MITRE Corporation's Center for Information and Technology; Ken Copeland, vice president of OptiCool Technologies; Jeffrey Fidacaro, senior analyst-451 Research's Data Center Technologies and Eco-Efficient IT practices; and, Jawahar Swaminathan, Raritan's director of power sales.

The cornerstone of the webinar focuses on the results of the research report "Datacenters of the future. A shifting landscape from the core to the edge" — produced by 451 Research and sponsored by Raritan. The report addresses emerging data center types, new disruptive technologies, and ways to get ready for 2025 with future-proofing measures.

"We are at a remarkable and exciting crossroads," says Nicole Espasa, director of marketing, Raritan. "Spurred by increasing demand for digital services, the pace of change in the data center is accelerating like never before. We have asked 451 Research to help us examine the forces of change and emerging data center technologies over the next decade. We are pleased to share the research findings, as well as the different perspectives that 451 and the other members of our webinar panel provide."