Green House Data has announced the launch of SpotLITE, an IT infrastructure discovery methodology that enables prospective customers and current clients to make data-driven decisions about their current and future deployments. Designed to right-size solutions, SpotLITE builds on Green House Data’s philosophy of “Built right. Just for you.”

The LITE in SpotLITE stands for “Listen, Implement, Test, Execute.”

SpotLITE uses deep examination and benchmarking of IT environments to create a roadmap for better application service delivery, connectivity, resilient infrastructure, and data storage.

“Rather than restrict our customers to a prescribed server size or predesigned package, we’re taking the time to examine their business goals and offering multiple solutions that can achieve them,” said Thomas Burns, VP of Business Development, Green House Data. “SpotLITE goes above and beyond the typical discovery process to hone in on two main factors: what does this infrastructure need to achieve, and what different technologies can we use to guarantee success?”

Since the company’s founding in 2007, Green House Data has always taken a custom approach to IT infrastructure design, and SpotLITE represents a formalization and standardization of these processes to both provide consistency to end users and to enable scale.

“Over time, IT environments are susceptible to creep, and everything from personnel changes to new business initiatives can get in the way of visibility,” said Steven Dreher, director of solutions architecture, Green House Data. “SpotLITE, which is available in iterations ranging from self-service to a full team engagement, allows both us and the customer to make highly-informed decisions about their IT infrastructure in its current state and plan for the future.”

In addition to SpotLITE, Green House Data offers a 15-Minute Hear from a HumanSM response time for all customers, regardless of size. The company operates nine data center and cloud locations nationwide, with a presence in Portland, OR; Seattle, Bellingham, and Everett, WA; Cheyenne, WY; Dallas, TX; Atlanta, GA; Piscataway, NJ; and Orangeburg, NY.