Altronic, LLC (HOERBIGER Engine Division) has released the Universal Junction Box (UJB), an engineered component designed to be easily integrated with an 8-, 16-, or 18-output high speed ignition system, as well as with a 16- or 32-output slow speed ignition system. The UJB is a pre-fabricated, flexible “off-the-shelf” solution which provides a pre-fabricated wiring solution for use with conventional conduit-based ignition headers or the Altronic EZRail system. Key features which help to maximize the UJB’s flexibility are five application-selectable integrated door labels, and the elimination of predetermined conduit entry holes which allows for the UJB to be mounted with the door opening in any direction. Additionally, the front label and the back plate insert can be rotated 360° to match the desired mounting orientation.

Increased reliability, shortened wiring time, and enhanced troubleshooting efficiency are other core features of the UJB. The UJB serves as a convenient location where the physical wiring connections between ignition system components can be easily terminated and it also provides the wiring connections with protection from physical damage. The UJB provides ample scalable termination points and the pre-labelled push-in terminal blocks reduce wiring time. Clearly labeled terminals and convenient test ports aid in troubleshooting activities.