New large-format traverse wound spools of shielding tape are now available from Web Industries Inc., Wire & Cable Division. The spools are custom-made for the production needs of networking and datacom cable manufacturers. They carry laminated shielding tape that protects twisted pairs of wire from alien crosstalk and external electro-magnetic interference.

Web Industries’ large traverse wound spools can replace traditional smaller spools that require more frequent spool changeovers and splicing during cable manufacturing.

The large-format traverse wound spools are supplied in widths of up to 25 in. and have a maximum weight of 75 lbs. Smaller and lighter packages are available.

Many cable manufacturers currently employ slit or planetary wound rolls of shielding tape in smaller sizes. A typical spool measures about 12 in. wide by 12 in. in outer diameter. Replacing these small spools with larger traverse wound spools produces an immediate boost in throughput. For example: A production line that converts from a 12-in. spool to a larger spool of 25 in. increases its throughput on average by over 200% or more depending on the manufacturer’s outer diameter limitations.

Because the larger spools require fewer changeovers and less operator intervention, the chances of human error are reduced, which opens the door for resource sharing, where operators can be reassigned or able to support other productive activities.