Schneider Electric has announced the Ecoflair™ Indirect Air Economizer cooling solution, which reduces cooling operating costs by 60% when compared with legacy chilled water or refrigerant technologies. Designed for roof-top or on-grade deployments, Ecoflair moves cooling from the data center floor to the facility exterior, freeing up white space for IT equipment.

Available in 250kW and 500kW modules, Ecoflair’s flexible design features:

  • Customization options based on cooling requirements and environmental/climatic conditions.
  • Modular construction simplifies deployment and installation, increased serviceability and lowered maintenance costs.
  • Tubular design prevents fouling caused by cooling water residue buildup common with plate-style heat exchangers, minimizing maintenance and impact to performance.
  • Full polymer construction eliminates the risk of corrosion when wet or exposed to the elements.

Ecoflair can also achieve efficiency gains of 15% to 20% when compared with other indirect air economizer systems, providing the following energy-saving benefits:

  • Less energy required for cooling means data center operators can increase IT load with the same electrical infrastructure. Studies conducted by Schneider Electric have shown as much as 30% more IT can be supported with the same electrical backbone when compared to typical cooling topologies like chilled water or direct expansion (DX).
  • Alternately, there’s a reduction in overall CAPEX due to a smaller electrical infrastructure requirement. Schneider Electric estimates the CAPEX savings can be as much as 6% when downsizing the electrical backbone due to the lower total power demand resulting from using Ecoflair.