Carrier-1 was happy to support Houston oil and gas pipeline companies during Hurricane Harvey. With the risk of refineries underwater, it was important for major oil and gas providers to avoid any risk of an IT outage as well. To keep their online operations running, Shell Oil Company proactively transitioned their data infrastructure to Carrier-1 in Dallas. Personnel identified as critical to operations from major business units including gas trading, fuels sales & marketing, human resources, and chemicals were able to keep working without skipping a beat, despite not being able to get to their offices in downtown Houston.

More than 60 people from Houston were working in Carrier-1’s facility. Clients’ families were housed in local hotels. Carrier-1 responded by making everyone comfortable by hosting displaced family members for lunch and by creating a kid zone to keep the families busy.

It’s critical to keep communication systems online during natural disasters. Computer systems must stay operational to ensure that corporate business operations run smoothly.

Travis Burgess, building services manager of Shell Oil Company, Deer Park, Central Business District and Remote Sites oversees the diverse groups of departments. “We were relieved to have access to Carrier-1’s office space during Hurricane Harvey. The proactive transition from our Houston headquarters to Carrier-1’s Dallas site happened smoothly. Carrier-1 went above and beyond to support our business continuity solution; allowing us to keep our business groups running smoothly. Plus, they welcomed our families and made everyone comfortable,” said Burgess.