Eaton has announced the launch of its Breaker Integrated Transformer (BIT), a low-voltage, dry-type distribution transformer integrating a traditionally separate molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) within the same enclosure. Arriving factory assembled and fully tested, Eaton’s BIT reduces arc-flash hazard while lowering physical footprint and reducing overall cost for electrical distribution installations.

Key benefits of Eaton’s new breaker integrated transformer include:

  • Energy efficiency: The BIT includes all the features of Eaton’s DOE 2016 low-voltage, dry-type distribution transformer, including UL-verified energy efficiency.
  • Reduced project costs: Eaton’s BIT replaces the need for separate power distribution components, while also reducing floor space-associated installation and labor costs.
  • Minimized footprint: The integrated design of the BIT saves approximately 50 percent or more wall space compared to traditional, separately-installed solutions to help endusers maximize available physical installation footprint.
  • Reduced arc-flash hazard: Integrating a MCCB on the secondary side of the transformer provides increased arc-flash protection to personnel operating downstream equipment.
  • Enhanced power system flexibility: Eaton’s BIT is highly configurable to specific application needs with a wide range of primary and secondary breaker choices.