Chatsworth Products (CPI) has recently joined the Open19 Foundation — a community of industry leaders working together to solve data center problems efficiently and cost-effectively.

“Industry forums are a proven way to add value to our industry by defining and sharing best practices. The Open19 Foundation is focused on an important industry challenge — how to make rack equipment more uniform and scalable for businesses of all sizes. CPI is very excited to be involved with this effort. We think it will lead to better rack solutions for our industry,” stated Dennis VanLith, senior director of global product management, CPI.

The Open19 Foundation was created in May 2017 by Flex, GE Digital, LinkedIn, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and VaporIO. The concept behind the organization is to build and engage a community of system suppliers, integrators, and operators to collectively solve problems as if they are one, giant data center.

The organization is built around the idea that anything can be integrated into a 19-inch rack with three main, common components: brick cage, power shelf, and network switch. Open19 is defining a cross-industry common server form factor, producing a flexible and economical data center and edge solution for operators of all sizes.

“The Open19 Platform represents a simple solution for a complex problem, so it’s no surprise that the response from the community has been so strong,” said Yuval Bachar, president, Open19 Foundation and principal engineer, Global Infrastructure Architecture and Strategy at LinkedIn.