Insights from Colocation Buyers Delivered in New 451 Research Report

Schneider Electric Blog

September 14, 2017

Author: Tobi Gerstberger

As the demand for colocation data centers continues to grow, the role of a colocation provider has never been more important, but the threats and challenges they face continue to intensify.


5 Use Cases for AI in Healthcare


September 13, 2017

Author: Andrew Bartley

In my previous blog, I outlined some of the technologies that make up artificial intelligence (AI) and addressed the massive digital transformation that is taking place in healthcare today. In this follow-up post, you’ll see several use cases for AI technology in healthcare


Take your Data Center from Slow to WOAH!

Cisco Data Center Blog

September 7, 2017

Author: Richard Cashdan

How Avit used Cisco HyperFlex to build up their VDI compute power

It’s hard for humans to be perfect. Because we are human: short, tall, old, young, crazy, shy, etc.

Complete transformations are hard for us to achieve! After all, we must work with what we have and, unfortunately, we’re not able to replace our key organs to enhance their performance.


Media needs to learn how to calculate tax breaks for data centers

Green Data Center & Wireless Blog

September 5, 2017

Author: Dave Ohara

I saw this article on Salon about technology companies getting subsidies for building things like data centers in a city. Apple's data center in Ohio is the example in this article.


@InflectInc 14 Sept

Think ‘Kayak’ but for Data Center Services         


@InvestingLatest 14 Sept

IBDinvestors: Nvidia’s Data Center Business Might Be Bigger Than Reported


@francoislacas  14 Sept

NEWS: Talend Announces New European Cloud Data Center


@eirikharildstad  14 Sept

ESG Lab Review- LTO for the Next-Generation Data Center


@crypt0net  14 Sept

Equinix Opens Newest State-of-the-Art Data Center in Silicon Valley - services from more...


@MantisK  14 Sept

Mantis Society Study Center: Big Data Regional Innovation Hubs: Establishing Sp...


@TheCloudNetwork 14 Sept

Close the Data Center, Skip the TIC – How One Agency Bought Big Into Cloud via


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