With increasing requirements for data, performance, reliability, and consistency across the network to support modern 24/7, 365 business, data center managers can effectively grow and expand on demand with less cost, fewer headaches, and reduced risk using a modular data center design approach with pre-configured cabinet solutions.

Purchased from manufacturers that offer comprehensive data center infrastructure solutions or from system integrators that work with these manufacturers, preconfigured data center cabinets are preloaded with components such as fiber or copper connectivity, power distribution units (PDUs), cable management, or other accessories. The cabinets with their components are typically identified by one unique customer-specific part number and price, which allows for simple ordering of future identical cabinets. The cabinets are then pre-assembled and packaged with all the components pre-mounted, arriving on site ready for final connections to be made and active equipment to be installed.

Rather than receiving several different components and needing to locate and install each one in its specific cabinet, preconfigured cabinets significantly speed data center deployment with a demonstrated 30% savings on time and labor. And because the components are preloaded in a controlled factory environment, consistency and quality can be more easily maintained than in the field where installation environments and skill level can vary considerably. With preloaded components, packaging and waste are also significantly reduced, which makes preconfigured cabinets a greener option. With cabinets and components from the same manufacturer, there is also a common look to the data center that improves overall aesthetics.