A common challenge for colocation data centers are density ramps and finding a cooling solution which can scale as needed. The adoption of AI, Big Data, and the use of GPUs presents another challenge for the colocation and enterprise data center provider — higher densities. It is a balancing act to provide the necessary cooling for today’s colocation clients while building for future technologies.

An increasingly popular trend is warmer temperatures in colocation facilities. Computer densities are operating at significantly higher temperatures allowing for warmer supply temperatures. While airside economizers have become increasingly popular in colocation facilities, the use of this technology may be outpaced by the rising demand for higher density computer systems requiring high volumes of air or direct liquid cooling at the rack level. Future-proofed data centers will leverage warmer water cooling systems, allowing for large amounts of free cooling and greater efficiency gains in both the cooling infrastructure and computer performance.

- Rich Whitmore, president & CEO, Motivair CorporationRich Whitmore, president & CEO, Motivair Corporation