Advantech’s IIoT Automation Group is pleased to announce the launch of a new series of NVMe servers and storage solutions in 1U to 4U form-factors that fulfill today’s industrial server requirements for high performance storage applications.

Industrial servers differ from general servers and require special consideration for the varied environments they are found in such as transportation, medical, surveillance, and factory automation. Advantech NVMe servers and storage solutions are targeted at Industry 4.0 demands. They connect the field side to the IT site in those industrial applications which utilize virtual infrastructures and make business-critical decisions based on their ability to access and process large amounts of data.

Advantech’s HPC-8000 series chassis feature hot-swappable NVMe SSD, SAS 12Gb/s, and SATA HDD. NVMe technology overcomes bottlenecks in flash drives so the I/O performance can be up to 10 times greater than SATA drives. Utilizing NVMe in storage servers as cache not only upgrades the performance of the drive I/O but can also be the part of the memory substitute. The total cost of ownership can be reduced by this optimal storage technology.

Another key benefit of Advantech’s storage servers is flexibility. Customers can configure different form factors chassis from 2U to 4U and different types of Intel® Xeon® E3/E5 processors to create an optimized solution that fits space, cost, and performance considerations. Additionally, Advantech also considers storage extensions and offers external disk array servers in 2U and 3U form factors or dual controller JBOD servers in a 2U form factor.

The ASR-5200/ASR-5300 series external disk array servers come in 2U and 3U form factors. They are super reliable dual-controller disk arrays offering ultimate expansion capabilities without downtime. They have a redundant power supply to minimize the chance of a complete computer shutdown or failure and are targeted at data center applications.

Advantech’s full range of storage servers offer several key advantages over commercial storage systems, such as longevity support with strict revision control and storage/server customization from general purpose to custom designed for unique application requirements — all backed up with Advantech’s global service support. In addition, they offer seamless integration with other Advantech server products. Together they can be immediately deployed in a variety of industrial applications as part of your industrial fog or cloud infrastructure strategy or allow you to upgrade and future proof your current setup.