Schneider Electric has announced its growing partnership with colocation provider LightEdge Solutions to implement data centers in Altoona, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska. The expanded data center campus in Altoona will officially open on October 5, marking a milestone in Schneider Electric's strategic partnership with LightEdge to provide data center lifecycle design and build services.


Hybrid colocation for digital transformation

Digital transformation is driving increased need for data centers that incorporate on-premises elements that ensure security and compliance while offering the efficiencies of the cloud. As this hybrid data center approach presents a challenge for enterprise IT, LightEdge is dedicated to helping customers design, implement, and manage hybrid colocation and edge data centers that are best equipped to realize digital transformation goals.

For LightEdge’s expanded data center campus in Altoona, the company selected Schneider Electric to design the 73,000 square-foot facility (48,000 square feet in phase one) next to its existing 30,000 square-foot data center. The new facility incorporates state-of-the-art networking and security, as well as, a 6,000 square-foot area for worksite recovery and meeting space.

"It was clear in speaking with Schneider Electric that they had the level of expertise and understanding needed to design and build solutions that support our customers' digital transformation goals," said Jeffery Springborn, COO, LightEdge. "As we look to expand our presence throughout the Midwest region and beyond, next with our Omaha, Nebraska build, Schneider Electric will help execute our vision of being a full solution hybrid colocation partner.”

A proven partnership

The LightEdge and Schneider Electric partnership originally began with Schneider Electric providing design and build services for LightEdge’s Kansas City, Missouri data center within SubTropolis Technology Center’s (STC) underground limestone mines. The partnership has also included an augmentation of an existing data center in Des Moines, Iowa and a new 73,000 square-foot facility build at the same location.

"Partnering with LightEdge, we benefit from collaborating with a like-minded organization that understands where the data center market is going," said Wayne Reeves, director of critical services, Schneider Electric. "By supporting LightEdge through the entire lifecycle of data center design and build projects, we are helping to drive the industry forward into the future of hybrid colocation."

The Kansas City and Des Moines data centers serve both Midwestern and national companies, and the facilities are ISO 20000, ISO 27001, SSAE 16 SOC 1, 2 & 3 Type II and PCI-DSSv3.0 certified with data center operations meeting stringent HIPAA compliance. Along with design and build data center lifecycle services, LightEdge uses the following Schneider Electric equipment:

  • Square D switchgear

  • MegaWatt UPS

  • Racks

  • Rack PDUs