Compass Datacenters is among the first companies in the data center industry to become part of Uptime Institute's new "TIER-Ready" design review program, which enables customers who are pushing computing to the edge with modular data centers to achieve the same level of reliability and resiliency that they have in their larger data centers. The TIER-Ready program enables providers like Compass Datacenters to work with Uptime Institute to validate the specific designs of their pre-built solutions, ensuring Tier III reliability for edge computing infrastructure that aligns with the same certifications of customers' other data center facilities.

"Compass has worked with Uptime Institute for many years to deliver the industry's most resilient modular designs, and this new TIER-Ready program is a natural extension of the tier system that has been so important for ensuring that customers get what they have paid for in their data center," said Chris Crosby, CEO of Compass Datacenters. "The TIER-Ready award makes sense for Compass Datacenters as it helps to assure the resiliency and mission critical suitability for each 1.2MW block that we provide to our customers in our mix-and-match configurations, with important third-party validation through Uptime Institute."

"Pre-Fabricated and Modular data centers have been on a growth trajectory for the past several years as organizations strive to bring business services closer to their constituents. As distributed technologies such as IoT and Edge computing become commonplace, these services must be delivered without incurring the traditional risk associated with remote infrastructures," said Lee Kirby, president, Uptime Institute. "The TIER-Ready program simplifies and speeds the certification process, while reducing costs for both the manufacturer and the enduser."