DYMO® ID software now with Fluke Networks integration imports project data directly from Fluke’s LinkWare™ Live cloud to provide a simplified solution for cable label creation. From DYMO ID, users can easily access LinkWare Live projects, import Cable ID data and use built-in label application and pre-loaded templates to further simplify labeling tasks. Ideal for project managers, cable technicians and installers, LinkWare Live allows professionals to manage jobs and testers from any smart device over WiFi.

• Quickly connect to LinkWare Live to access and view the most recent project data
• Import data from a LinkWare Live account to eliminate manual entry, saving time and increasing productivity
• Use Cable ID data with built-in label application and time-saving templates for patch panels, wire/cable labels and more
• Life-like on-screen print preview shows how labels will look when applied to cables, panels and more
• Print directly or transfer labels to an XTL label maker for editing and printing in the field