Uptime Institute has announced the launch of Uptime Institute Research, a new research organization aimed at bringing informed, practical and forward-looking information and insights to global data center professionals and stakeholders. The new research group will deliver services that enable members of Uptime Institute's global community to access an ever-growing body of primary research from its global network of engineers, data center operators, and partners.

Over the next several quarters, Uptime Institute Research will introduce research services to help both management and operations staff improve the practice and design of their infrastructure and allow executives to assess opportunities, develop strategies and better manage operational teams. The new group will also leverage expertise from globally recognized sister company 451 Research in areas such as vendor strategies, software, analytics, cloud services, and networking.

"Uptime Institute became the de facto standard for assuring the operation of the business-critical elements within data centers. We are now in a position to advise our clients on managing the fabric of connected components, from the edge to the core, from the power plant up to the application," said Lee Kirby, president of Uptime Institute. "The complex hybrid infrastructures now forming in most companies must be able to provide the required levels of business services, regardless of where those services are derived. Everywhere you turn, new innovations emerge, including cloud computing, automation, hyper-converged infrastructure, IoT as well as unique power generation or distribution and advanced cooling designs. These advancements require the kind of practical, level-headed and big-picture assessment that is the hallmark of Uptime Institute and our newly-formed Uptime Institute Research group."

A founding member, industry veteran Andy Lawrence is joining Uptime Institute Research as executive director. Lawrence has built his career focusing on innovative new solutions, emerging technologies and the opportunities found at the intersection of IT and infrastructure. In his new position at Uptime Institute Research, Lawrence intends to develop a forward-looking research program that will help the Uptime Institute community adapt to and prepare for the major changes expected in digital infrastructure over the next two decades.

"We have identified a critically important void in the industry," said Lawrence. "Today you can obtain some good information from vendors, but it isn't always complete, independent and trustworthy; or you can gather anecdotal information from end users. Uniquely, we are able to help our clients solve higher-order problems with our deep understanding of IT and critical infrastructure, and over 20 years of hands-on experience without bias or conflicting agendas. Due to the enormity of our existing client base, we have the opportunity to draw from their collective experience and share trends and ideas that can be put to work instantly, providing real value to our clients."

Prior to joining the 451 Group, Lawrence was the co-founder of Infoconomy, a UK-based publishing and research company focusing on enterprise IT. He also set up several successful magazines, including Computer Business Review and Information Age, and launched research services as a director of ComputerWire, a research company. Previously, Lawrence served as a journalist and editor for many technology and business media outlets, including The London Times, Financial Times, Management Today, and New Scientist. He has researched a wide range of enterprise technology topics, spanning innovation and disruption, automation, software, energy, sustainability, and market development.