The CyberHub ECO.DC DCIM system from Stulz Digitronic Software, for monitoring and optimization of data centers, helps reduce operating expenses (OPEX) and maximize performance. Data centers are becoming increasingly complex and the 3-D software offers high levels of transparency and visibility, allowing operators to monitor and manage their assets efficiently, while maximizing uptime.

Launched by Digitronic Software, a joint venture between Stulz and Digitronic Automationsanlagen (a company specializing in software development and control systems), CyberHub ECO.DC enables 3-D visualization to assist with planning and optimization of room layout, as well as mapping of temperature profiles — essential for effective thermal management, protection of critical IT infrastructure and enhancing energy efficiency. Fully understanding the effects of room layout on airflow, when making changes or during capacity expansion, for example, gives operators the confidence they need that cooling performance is assured.     

Other critical features include alarm management, with integrated escalation management, and individual status reports. Monitoring and managing critical equipment is vital for ensuring business continuity and a wide range of data can be collected via an easy-to-use operator interface — from air conditioning systems, temperature and pressure sensors, UPS systems, and PDUs. Rapid access to crucial information enables operators to be responsive to events and avert potential problems before they become an issue — helping to avoid risk of outages, which can result in substantial financial loss and reputational damage.  

CyberHub ECO.DC provides an invaluable tool to simplify the day-to-day tasks of data centre managers, facility managers and air conditioning specialists, and is therefore designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. The software is extremely simple to implement and has a clearly set out interface. This means users can install and set up CyberHub ECO.DC on their own in just a few hours. Help with implementation and planning is also available, if needed, from an expert team of engineers from Stulz Digitronic Software.

CyberHub ECO.DC is available in a fully autonomous local server (VM compatible) version, or as a globally available SaaS (Software as a Service) from the cloud. The online solution is hosted in Germany and therefore offers users the security that it conforms to strict data protection regulations. Communication between the base server and the customer interface is encrypted for additional protection. Moreover, the DCIM solution satisfies all the requirements for certification to DIN 50001.

The software has built-in compatibility with a range of protocols that are common in the data center sector, as well as building management systems (BMS) – such as Modbus, M­Bus and SNMP. Existing systems can be easily linked to CyberHub ECO.DC via an interface.