TELEHOUSE has announced the deployment of PacketFabric, the highly scalable network-as-a-service platform and a member of the NantWorks ecosystem of companies, in two Telehouse data center facilities in New York.

The partnership allows both companies to extend their carrier and data center ecosystems. Telehouse customers in any of its U.S. Tier 3 data centers can now access the extensive network platform provided by PacketFabric, including Internet Exchange Point (IXP), Internet Service Provider (ISP) and cloud service provider (CSP) services.

“Telehouse has been expanding our connectivity and cloud solutions both domestically and globally as we continuously seek to offer greater flexibility and choice to our data center customers,” comments Akio Sugeno, vice president, Internet Engineering, Operations and Business Development, Telehouse America. “We expect more deployments with the addition of new global locations coming on the PacketFabric network this year.”

Through the PacketFabric network, Telehouse will be able to greatly extend its internet exchange services, and its multi-cloud connectivity exchange, Telehouse Cloud Interconnect, thus enhancing its carrier-neutral data center services. By partnering with Telehouse, PacketFabric adds to its existing U.S. footprint and expands Over-the-Top (OTT) service offerings.

“We are very excited to increase the number of locations where Telehouse can offer services to their customers, while allowing our customers to access Telehouse customers and services,” remarks William Charnock, CEO, PacketFabric. “This partnership is a natural fit, expanding the ecosystem for both companies across our carrier grade SDN-based network.”