The California Energy Commission has approved the Liebert® EconoPhase™ Pumped Refrigerant Economizer used by the Liebert DSE thermal management system for use in California data centers under Title 24, as an alternative prescriptive method. The Liebert DSE system meets or exceeds the full intent of the CEC Title 24 Energy Code for Computer Rooms while additionally not requiring water for economization.

The California Energy Code (Title 24) now requires all data centers to meet the efficiency requirement of either one of three prescriptive economization methods (outside air economization, water economization or pumped refrigerant economization) or to demonstrate through the Exceptional Design Compliance method the proposed solution meets or exceeds the energy efficiency of the prescriptive methods. This Technical Note describes the data, calculations and modeling submitted to the CEC that led to approval for pumped refrigeration economization as a prescriptive option for data center cooling.



Analysis Of Pumped Refrigerant Economizers