Rittal’s standardized data center designs and containers allow the rapid, flexible implementation of scalable IT infrastructures. The company also offers a private cloud environment that can be operated on- or off-premises. Corresponding provisioning models, such as IT as a service (ITaaS) and data center as a service (DCaaS), are available.

Containers are supplied in ISO dimensions (20 and 40 ft) and non-standard sizes. Their modular, scalable features include power-supply and cooling systems with various redundancy levels (2N, N+1). In addition to containers for active IT components (servers and storage), Rittal offers cooling and power supply modules. The standard versions are rated 60 kW to 200 kW, and output of up to one megawatt is available for more demanding applications. As they are mobile, they can be deployed in highly flexible ways.

The RiMatrix Balanced Cloud Centre (RiMatrix BCC) is a turn-key solution available in ISO-standard and non-standard containers. It is supplied preconfigured, and includes servers, plus network and storage resources. The OpenStack open-source framework is employed for cloud management. RiMatrix BCC is a standardized and fully virtualized private-cloud data center. It is suitable for both standard applications and for more demanding tasks such as high-performance computing (HPC) and big-data analytics. Customers can choose a private cloud operated on-premises, consisting of proven, reliable components (including servers, storage and network systems) – or they can opt for an external (off-premises) private cloud operated by a provider, for example from a cloud server farm.