Vertiv now offers a premium capacitor hardening service for the input and output filters of the legacy Liebert® Series 600T/610 uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Capacitor hardening extends capacitor service life for a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). This service is available globally for Liebert Series 600T/610 UPS units ranging from 625 kVA-1 MVA.

This latest service offering was a result of extensive testing and collaboration with SBE Inc., a leading developer of film capacitor solutions. Vertiv adopted SBE’s Power Ring Film Capacitor technology to give customers a replacement option that could better meet their needs. It is ideally suited for UPS units that are 10 years old or newer. Where a traditional electrolytic capacitor might last seven years, the premium capacitors can more than double that lifespan. In some cases, these capacitors last well past 15 years.

“Our premium capacitor hardening service makes for a more reliable and safer capacitor that also extends service life when compared to traditional capacitor technology,” said Dave Saliaris, vice president, Global Lifecycle Management Services, Vertiv. “This offering is a perfect example of our commitment to continuous innovation that will help our customers keep their networks and vital applications running.”

In addition to enabling lower operating temperatures for a longer service life and lower TCO, the technology used in the premium capacitors helps slow down the degradation of surrounding components within the UPS. Since this capacitor design is oil-free, there are also safety benefits, such as the elimination of internal pressure build-up that leads to catastrophic failures and collateral damage.