Nlyte Software has announced the release of Nlyte System Utilization Monitoring – N-SUM. The new product is a highly scalable monitoring solution that captures detailed server and CPU utilization information. This data combined with real-time power/cooling, server and virtualization information delivered within Nlyte’s Platinum edition delivers a proactive real-time view of an enterprise’s data center infrastructure health.

As part of the Nlyte portfolio of DCIM products, N-SUM expands Nlyte’s agentless real-time monitoring capabilities to capture real time server and CPU utilization information. The new solution grows DCIM’s value by polling tens of thousands of servers to produce detailed reports showing utilization and connection data at the global, site room and rack level. Additionally, the solution is capable of identifying “ghost servers” that are idly consuming resources but have no business function.  IT and facility personnel can now use one comprehensive solution to view the health of data center infrastructure, better balance IT workloads, optimize energy consumption of IT assets and identify overloaded or underutilized servers.

Nlyte’s N-SUM product, combined with the Nlyte Platinum solution provides an enterprise with the ability to view its data center infrastructure as a seamless inter-related fabric in which real- time facilities’ data can be analyzed in parallel with real-time IT equipment and workload data.  The knowledge captured can be used to better plan, optimize and transform an enterprise’s data center(s) and ensure that not only is a data center being operated efficiently but also that trends are quickly spotted and addressed thus minimizing overall risk.