Etix Everywhere and Swedish agency ArcticSites have announced the start of the pre-ordering phase of a future, Tier III+ design colocation data center, ‘Etix Jokkmokk #1,’ at hydro power hub Porjus in Jokkmokk, Sweden.

“This is a top-notch quality data center design that together with the redundant 100 percent renewable power supply and multiple fiber redundancy in Porjus makes this one of Sweden’s most powerful colocation data centers,” says Jörgen Venot, senior vice president for Northern Countries of Etix Everywhere.

“As a rule of thumb, an indirect free cooling design sharply reduces power consumption, and together with the local connectivity, will grant companies and organizations with a highly competitive infrastructure to support their digital transformation in Sweden,” says Jonas Sukloed, director of ArcticSites. “On top of this, the expected uptime increases significantly compared to an ordinary server room.”

Pre-booking of rack-space has opened up and the construction starts as soon as a minimum level of pre-ordered capacity is reached.

“We can start the operation at a pre-ordering volume around a few hundred kVA, which indicates the advantageous conditions found in the Jokkmokk area,” adds Venot.

The data center will be marketed to local and international customers thanks to its highly developed connectivity. Given the technical design developed by Etix, the company only needs 16 weeks to deploy the data center, once the pre-ordering volume is reached.

The Mayor of Jokkmokk, Robert Bernhardsson, welcomed the announced establishment, especially considering the number of work opportunities it may create in the form of managed and added value services.

“It means boosting business for regional IT companies and a renewed dynamism for the local ICT ecosystem, empowering all types of companies in their digital transformation,” states Mayor Bernhardsson.

The customers of Etix Jokkmokk #1 will benefit from 24/7/365 monitoring by the Luxembourg Network Operations Center (NOC) and the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and perimeter-security technology developed by Etix Labs, the R&D team of Etix Everywhere.

This new data center diversifies the Swedish colocation market and offers to both local and international companies a cutting-edge infrastructure that meets the highest standards on the market to support their development strategy.