ASCO Power Technologies has released the ASCO Model 5705 8-Device Annunciator. This device provides critical real-time information about the status and performance of engine-generators, transfer switches, load banks, and surge monitoring systems. By consolidating information from up to 8 devices, the Model 5705 eliminates the need for multiple annunciators. Its intuitive interface helps increase power availability and reliability by making critical information easier to access and evaluate. It provides information through an innovative, wall-mounted, touchscreen interface, and can display it to remote PCs.

The Model 5705’s touchscreen interface unifies monitoring and control logic for critical power equipment from most major manufacturers, reducing the need to train personnel on multiple brand-specific annunciators. The device can increase the utility of power data by sharing it with popular building management systems and with the ASCO PowerQuest® Critical Power Management System.

The Model 5705’s communication features improve and streamline management and control of critical power equipment. It transmits real-time email and text alerts about power conditions and events according to user-defined settings. It provides engine-generator safety indicators and shutdowns required by fire codes. The Model 5705 eases compliance and reduces costs by automatically generating and distributing periodic reports that comply with NFPA, CALEA, NEC®, and CMS requirements.