RF Code has announced that it will be exhibiting at the 2017 Datacenter Dynamics>Webscale conference on June 19-20 at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis.

Located at booth 40, representatives from RF Code will present information on how the use of real-time, automated and granular information can enable data center owners and operators to make faster and more intelligent business decisions. The company will be showcasing its signature CenterScape platform, which provides real-time insight, control and predictability over operational risks, costs and compliance. Live demonstrations of the solution and the opportunity to talk with the real-time case study, Marty Johnstone will be offered as well.

Previously with global financial services company CME Group, Johnstone managed over 15,000 IT deployments and 17,000 environmental points with the help of RF Code's real-time data center solutions. This led to a variety of positive outcomes that saved the company both in operational expenses and energy usage, including: reduced audit times, increased accuracy of data collected, better awareness of assets, the ability to troubleshoot problems before they caused downtime, optimization of environmental conditions, and overall increased insight into data center operations. Now at RF Code, Johnstone uses his knowledge to help save millions of dollars for data centers through the use of accurate and granular data in real-time.

The event falls at a time of rapid global growth for RF Code. The firm recently appointed multiple senior executives to lead the company in its next stage of business expansion. Additionally, in late 2016, RF Code reached a new milestone with more than 125,000 data center racks under management through its distinct subscription pricing model. As a result, the CenterScape solution has helped more than half of the Fortune 500 internet and telecommunications companies save over $100 million in their data centers since its launch in 2015.

“As the data center industry continues to adopt IoT into its many facets, companies are increasingly in need of data-driven solutions based on real-time information,” said Ed Healy, CEO at RF Code. “This is a growing trend and RF Code is delighted to exhibit at DCD>Webscale so that data center managers can see how the CenterScape solution reduces operational costs and risks. The platform provides the real-time insight necessary for owners and operators to excel at the speed at which data centers are growing and evolving.”