The Certified Network Infrastructure Design Professional (CNIDP®) program, designed and created by CNet Training, has been branded a success following its official U.S. launch in New York earlier this month.

The high-level classroom led network infrastructure design program was held over eight days and received fantastic feedback. It was taught by one of CNet’s Expert Instructors, Jamie Crooks.

The CNIDP® program’s success in the U.S. follows the huge popularity across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. More U.S. program dates have been scheduled throughout this year, in locations including Herndon VA, Dallas TX, Charlotte NC, and San Francisco CA.

It is designed for telecommunications and data communications engineers within the network cabling design and installation environment, and those wishing to extend their skills, knowledge, qualifications and certifications in relation to the planning and design of cable systems within different environments. Students learn how to complete a detailed campus network design project and deliver this to the market via an effective tender response. They benefit from understanding the design life cycle (from concept to design completion), including the analysis of the customer needs, the site survey process and detailed structure of a final design document.

Being classroom led provides the learners with the added benefit of being able to participate, interact, and learn from other shared experiences from the instructor. Plus, there are on-going assessments throughout and no exams, so it’s not just a memory test in order to pass. Successful completion awards a Level 5 professional qualification and official certification.

“CNet received fantastic feedback from those who attended the program, which included some high profile and well-respected organizations. There has also been a recommendation from one the organizations for the CNIDP® to form part of its on-going training and development program. I have also been told that the program’s emphasis on doing case studies with limited Instructor input is a good approach as it requires students to be more engaged and organized. CNet will be taking the network infrastructure sector one step further by introducing the Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) — which is being specified as the ‘must-have’ certification for the Network Infrastructure sector — in the U.S. later this year,” said, Andrew Stevens, CEO, CNet.