DataSite has announced that Syringa Networks has established a presence in its Boise data center. Syringa Networks operates the most robust, facilities-based, self-healing fiber optic communications network that reaches the furthest corners of rural and urban Idaho. Via Syringa Networks’ new presence in DataSite Boise, content delivery networks (CDNs), cloud providers, IT providers, educational institutions, government agencies, and Idaho-based enterprises now have sub-millisecond latency options to access the largest, most robust data center in the state of Idaho.

Syringa Networks is the seventh carrier to install network gear at DataSite Boise, providing DataSite’s current customer base with another enterprise-class fiber provider. However, the Syringa Networks is the only carrier that offers connectivity to relatively untapped rural communities within the state of Idaho. Syringa Networks connection to DataSite Boise grants customers full access to DataSite’s array of colocation services.

“We are thrilled to welcome Syringa Networks to our Boise facility,” comments Rob Wilson, executive vice president, DataSite. “The DataSite team has long understood the connectivity capabilities of Syringa Networks, particularly the services it provides to rural communities, and we are proud to add them to our growing ecosystem. Although DataSite Boise previously offered a multitude of connectivity options, Syringa Networks’ fiber network serves as the gateway to new areas that many other fiber providers simply cannot reach. The combination of Syringa Networks’ network footprint and DataSite’s Boise facility exposes thousands of potential customers to data center solutions they would not otherwise have access to.”

DataSite Boise offers a trifecta of value including clean, low cost electricity; an ideal free-cooling environment; and zero risk of natural disasters.  Boise is a burgeoning city, ranked as 13 of 200 U.S. cities on the 2016 Forbes Best Places for Business and Careers List. Boise boasts a cost of living 1.8% below the national average and a projected annual job growth rate of 2.6%. Technology is one of the major industries in the city, which underscores the importance of affordable colocation services throughout the region.