EdgeConneX® has announced its partnership with the Salt Lake Internet eXchange (SLIX), offering connectivity solutions via their Edge Data Center® (EDC) in Salt Lake City, UT. Owned and operated by XMission, SLIX is the only Internet exchange in Salt Lake City with 10-plus unique networks connected with available peering for local EdgeConneX customers, including wireless carriers, service providers, content delivery networks (CDNs), cloud providers and enterprises. EdgeConneX will now be brought on-net connecting it with three other regional facilities in Salt Lake City.

EdgeConneX, offering high-density power in a highly redundant, reliable and climate-controlled 14,230 sq-ft facility, delivers up to 20KW per cabinet, N+1 design and provides tenants with the most efficient placement of their content and applications. EdgeConneX has arrangements with multiple carriers for dark and lit fiber, as well as for out-of-band (OOB) signaling and dedicated internet access (DIA) at the SLIX. The current list of carriers includes AT&T, CenturyLink, Comcast Business, Integra, Utopia, Verizon, XMission, and Zayo.

EdgeConneX extends the most direct route with reduced latency and cost for customers that need connectivity. Together with XMission, they offer customers future scalability and a secure colocation facility with 24x7 visibility into their space, power and connectivity resources to maintain a high-quality end user experience.

“EdgeConneX designs and deploys Edge Data Centers that are strategically positioned near network provider aggregation points, establishing new local peering facilities that ensure the lowest latency data delivery with improved quality of service and increased security,” notes Clint Heiden, chief commercial officer, EdgeConneX.

“XMission is a great partner of ours, has a notable history in the industry and is a committed member of the Salt Lake City business community. They provide a complimentary suite of network services, from 10 Megabit residential to multi 10 Gigabit business circuits. We are pleased to now offer diverse peering options and the ability to deliver bandwidth-intensive content and internet applications with the lowest possible latency to customers with a presence in Salt Lake City.”

“SLIX and XMission are pleased to partner with EdgeConneX to expand provider peering and connectivity in the Salt Lake City area. We believe that low latency is of equal importance as bandwidth size and direct peering is the best way to facilitate that,” adds Pete Ashdown, president and founder, XMission.