DataSite has announced the expansion of its Atlanta colocation facility. The expansion features an additional 10,000 sq ft of data center white space as well as a power upgrade of 1 MW throughout the facility, and a 600 kW cooling system expansion.

The expansion was deployed to accommodate strong, continuous demand from enterprises, content delivery providers, cloud service providers and IT services providers. In addition to the newly deployed expansion, DataSite also has the ability to increase power capacity by an additional two to three megawatts.

DataSite’s Atlanta facility is located in a suburban setting, 13 fiber miles outside of Atlanta’s famous network peering points, providing an added layer of security. The facility offers a wide variety of power and cooling densities ranging from 2kW to 40kW per rack, in addition to varied infrastructure redundancies ranging from N to 2N+1. Single locking cabinets, customer cages, and private suites are all available.

“DataSite deploys its capacity expansions based on analysis of market demand as it relates to the needs of our clients,” comments Jeff Burges, president of DataSite. “What our customers value most is flexibility, which we provide by offering varied redundancy and power densities. This expansion underscores the continued value that we strive to provide to our Atlanta customer base.”

DataSite’s Atlanta colocation facility serves a variety of customers across several industries, including, Fortune 500 enterprises, health care organizations, content delivery networks, and IT and cloud service providers.