Equinix, Inc. has announced that the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV Group) is the first Latin American exchange to deploy a Point-of-Presence (POP) in the Equinix NY5 International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center, located in Secaucus, NJ.

The Mexican Stock Exchange's new Point-of-Presence supports the company's regional strategic position to further expand its global presence, and it encompasses a new channel to interconnect with the existing ecosystem of financial market participants operating within Equinix's NY5 hub. The initial offering will provide clients with access to market data on a new multicast data feed, and it will enable lower latency for electronic equities and derivatives market providers. Over time, the Mexican Stock Exchange plans to enhance their existing capabilities by adding additional services to their offering.

"For the Mexican Stock Exchange, the deployment of a Point-of-Presence in New York, was a key element of the commercial strategy to increase our capacity to distribute Market Data internationally, using low-latency channels to connect directly to existing and potential customers. The Equinix Secaucus campus was a strategic choice for us as it is home to a broad ecosystem of financial services firms. By offering our Market Data services there, we can easily interconnect with these firms in a fast and reliable way," said José- Oriol Bosch, CEO, The Mexican Stock Exchange.

Strategically located in Equinix's Secaucus data center campus, the Mexican Stock Exchange can take advantage of close proximity to major liquidity providers and institutional investors that are increasingly adopting cross-asset trading execution strategies through interconnection. Close proximity to financial firms, combined with access to the broadest choice of networks and the ability for customers to directly connect, will enable the Mexican Stock Exchange to deliver consistent low latency market data to its customers in the U.S.

"We are proud to host the first Latin American exchange in Secaucus and continue to see strong momentum with the global exchanges market, as these businesses are realizing how a global data center platform can accelerate their business performance. The Mexican Stock Exchange is a locally recognized brand and adds to the strength of our financial services offering," said John Knuff, vice president, financial services, Equinix.

The Mexican Stock Exchange, a public company since 2008 with more than 120 years of experience, is the second largest exchange in Latin America with daily trading volumes averaging more than $780 million USD and 300 million shares.

The Mexican Stock Exchange's customers can take advantage of the new Point-of-Presence in NY5 to access the latest multicast protocol market data feed, enabling greater efficiency and decreasing the latency in the delivery of the data by 75 percent. Additionally, the new market data feed features Top of Book and 20 levels depth information for the equities market, and 10 levels depth for the derivatives market using low latency channels.

Equinix provides a neutral meeting place for the world's leading financial market participants, including trading venues, buy- and sell-side firms, market data providers, technology providers and financial networks. Equinix data centers provide colocation and interconnection services for over a 1,000 financial services customers that include over 175 exchange and trading venue deployments around the globe. The expansion by the Mexican Stock Exchange further enhances Equinix's global electronic trading ecosystem, providing the interconnection options that companies need to meet business demands.