Connected2Fiber has announced that Southern Light has signed an agreement to implement The Connected World SaaS platform. Southern Light has also adopted the Building List Manager, an automated software module for creating and distributing on-net and near-net building lists to drive wholesale and channel market participation, as well as the Building Intelligence market visibility module.

Southern Light, which operates more than 6,000 miles of fiber optic networks in the Southeast, provides fiber optic services to area businesses, nonprofits, financial institutions, and government entities.

“The process of managing our locations, creating spreadsheets to share that information and mapping it to the formats our large carrier customers want has always been a challenge in the industry. Now, with Connected2Fiber, we have a platform that can create, design and program building lists to be distributed in customer-preferred formats in less than four clicks,” says David Loeffler, sales director, Southern Light. “We also get access to market visualization for the entire internal team, eliminating version control or information silos. We are excited to partner with Connected2Fiber and implement their platform to help drive growth.”

The Connected World is the connectivity industry’s first market acceleration platform built to help network operators see and manage their assets with market intelligence. The SaaS platform enables on-net and near-net location management, route tracking, interconnection and building list automation, all in a visual, automated toolset designed for the connectivity industry.

“We welcome Southern Light to our platform and look forward to helping them drive participation in the wholesale, channel and business markets. Southern Light is a leading provider of fiber transport throughout the gulf states, and we are excited for the opportunity to work with them,” adds Ben Edmond, CEO & founder of Connected2Fiber. “Location management and intelligence are at the heart of The Connected World; ensuring transparency for market intelligence and ongoing availability helps network operators like Southern Light grow.”