Falcon Electric’s 700VA to 3kVA tower-configured SC UPS protects IT/IoT equipment, telecommunications, servers, security systems, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and other power-sensitive electronic systems against costly power disruptions.

Falcon’s SC UPS models incorporate several important features including advanced digital signal processors (DSPs), surface mount device (SMD) technology, multi-mode operation, intelligent self-diagnostics, and innovative battery boost circuits — all at a low cost. These technologies enable a more robust and reliable UPS system by using fewer components. The SC UPS also features 5-year long-life hot-swap batteries. The combination of advanced technology and long-life batteries makes the SC family one of the most feature-rich yet affordable UPSs in its class.

The SC UPS goes a step further by accepting a wide range of input voltages and frequencies, ensuring comprehensive protection against damaging power transients. For easy UPS management, the SC’s user-friendly LCD display provides easy access to UPS status, battery and load levels.

For applications requiring longer backup times during a power outage, Falcon offers optional external battery banks.