The SUMMIT Series® UPS from Mitsubishi incorporates silicon carbide semiconductors (SiCs), the next generation of power modules that replace traditional insulated gate bipolar transistors. They produce higher switching frequencies, lower switching losses, and improved thermal conductivity.

Mitsubishi Electric’s 500kVA and 750kVA three-phase UPS models offer high performance and efficiency. The integration of SiC-based technology into the UPS allows data centers to operate at higher efficiencies, resulting in reduced cooling costs. Designed for data centers and other demanding mission critical applications, the SUMMIT Series models offer a very flat efficiency curve providing 98 percent efficiency down to a 30 percent load, which translates to lower energy usage and lower cost of ownership. 

As with other UPSs available from Mitsubishi Electric, these models have the smallest footprint in their respective power categories and are lighter in weight than competitors’ products.