Mitsubishi Electric has announced its participation in Data Center World’s global conference for data centers and IT infrastructure professionals in Los Angeles, April 3-6, 2017. The event is designed specifically for IT decision-makers from organizations who run data center-scale infrastructure.

At booth #833, Mitsubishi Electric’s power and data center specialists will educate attendees about the company’s modular, scalable and highly efficient UPS solutions, including a preview of upcoming products:

  • Sneak Peak – Mitsubishi Electric executives will share information on the company’s upcoming products, including UPS modularity at the megawatt level. The new units start at 1.4 MW, and are scalable up to 2.1 MW in increments of 350 kVA. The ability to add capacity over time helps data center owners reduce capital expenditures at the onset. The new units also feature built-in redundancy; allowing the UPS to continue operating in the event of an inverter failure, provided that the remaining modules could support the load. A color LCD touch display panel and a three-year warranty will be standard on all models. 

  • The SUMMIT Series® UPS – A game-changer in the UPS industry, the UPS incorporates silicon carbide semiconductors (SiCs), the next generation of power modules that replace traditional insulated gate bipolar transistors. They produce higher switching frequencies, lower switching losses and improved thermal conductivity. Mitsubishi Electric’s 500kVA and 750kVA three-phase UPS models offer high performance and efficiency. The integration of SiC-based technology into the UPS allows data centers to operate at higher efficiencies, resulting in reduced cooling costs. Designed for data centers and other demanding mission critical applications, the SUMMIT Series models offer a very flat efficiency curve providing 98% efficiency down to a 30% load, which translates to lower energy usage and lower cost of ownership. 

Mitsubishi Electric’s power experts will be available at the event to discuss attendees’ backup power challenges and how the company’s solutions address specific needs. They can also walk visitors through a total cost of ownership exercise with an eye toward reducing operating costs over the long run. Mitsubishi Electric representatives will also share insights on data center power continuity trends and the next generation of UPSs 

As with other UPSs available from Mitsubishi Electric, these models have the smallest footprint in their respective power categories and are lighter in weight than competitors’ products.