Uptime Institute has announced Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Accreditation by the UK-based CPD Standards Office for the company’s entire curricula of data center and facilities management training courses, the annual symposium and regionally conducted advocate network meetings. These sessions closely align to Uptime Institute’s globally-recognized Tier Classification System used as the standard-bearer in data center design, construction, management and operations.

 “The CPD Standards Office is delighted to have accredited Uptime Institute as a formal CPD provider,” said Amanda Rosewarne, director of accreditation and research, the CPD Standards Office. “We look forward to working together to maintain industry standards, whilst recognizing through our accreditation, the quality of course delivery they already provide. We also extend a warm welcome to Uptime Institute in becoming a member of the CPD Standards global community.”

Uptime Institute Training Offerings recognized by The CPD Standards Office for CPD credits:

  • Formal Classroom Curriculum

  • Classroom style learning of the key concepts required in modern data center design, build and operations along with the ability to practice these concepts

  • Accredited Tier Designer series (ATD), focused on data center design

  • Accredited Tier Specialist (ATS), focused on delivering availability and uptime

  • Accredited Operations Specialist (AOS), focused on Management and Operations

  • Advanced Seminars

  • Advanced seminar content which focuses on in-depth detail associated with any of the requirement categories of data center lifecycle.

  • Advanced Electrical Solutions & Tiers

  • Advanced Mechanical Solutions & Tiers

  • Advanced Principles in Data Center Infrastructure Management

  • Advanced Practices in Data Center Cost Management

  • Uptime Institute Symposium

This program focuses on strategies for deploying data centers that are reliable, efficient, and responsive to the business environment with the ultimate goal of achieving IT Infrastructure Excellence. Upcoming events include Symposium: Las Vegas, September 18th, and Symposium: Barcelona, December 5th and 6th.