Etix Everywhere continues to expand its network of local data centers through a partnership with Eura DC, a joint-venture between ATE and ARD-COM, two IT companies firmly anchored in the north of France. The new data center, Etix Lille #1, will meet the finest industry standards, especially due to its Tier 3-plus architecture, which is consistent with all infrastructures operated by Etix Everywhere all over the world.

A Data Center Up and Running in September 2017

The first phase of the project will host 100 racks. In the long-term, Etix Lille #1 will offer an IT capacity of 1,200 kVA (four IT rooms of 240 square meters), and will provide 200 square meters of office space. The modular architecture designed by Etix Everywhere ensures that each additional module will be deployed in 16 weeks, thus enabling the company to quickly meet the local demand.

The initial work was started in early January and the building construction will be completed at the end of May 2017. The first IT room will be urbanised starting in June with a guaranteed delivery in September. Since its launch, Etix Everywhere has already built nine modules in France and in Morocco. The company has also started construction on two facilities in Brazil and Belgium.

A Strong Local Presence to Assist Local Companies in Their Digital Transformation

By partnering with Eura DC, Etix Everywhere has opted for partners with a rich understanding of the local market and deep experience in cloud and connectivity. The data center will be carrier-neutral, as are all facilities in the Etix Everywhere network. Customers will have the opportunity to work with the telecom operators and the IT companies of their choice.

“This data center is a new example of our regional expansion strategy,” explains Louis Blanchot, sales manager, Etix Everywhere France. “The project is co-financed by Etix Everywhere and Eura DC. Once the data center is up and running, each partner is in charge of commercialising the infrastructure and developing their own colocation offers, as well as assisting local companies in their digital transformation.“

“The combination of our respective expertise ensures we meet all spectrum needs for externalisation that the companies from our region or from elsewhere face or will face,” says Rahif Daher, CEO, ARD-COM. “Etix Everywhere offers housing, and ARD-COM enhances the offer with a broad panel of high value-added services”

An Ideal Location to Address the Strategic Needs of the European Market

At a crossroad between Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, London, and Paris, Lille is a strategic location for the Etix Everywhere colocation network. The data center will benefit from the presence of national and international telecom operators that will ensure excellent connectivity and low latency to their end customers.

“The north of France has a favorable climate for free cooling and excellent connectivity,” states Maxence Rousseau, CEO, ATE. “These two advantages make the area a solid alternative choice to the Paris area. This data center is a critical instrument to assist local but also blue chip companies in their IaaS strategy, expanding our public and private cloud infrastructure.“

In addition to its location in the center of Europe, Etix Everywhere chose to establish its data center in the Plaine Images, a center of excellence dedicated to digital media and the creative industries. This strong choice will directly benefit further development of the business cluster.

“To have a data center in the very heart of the Plaine Images is a fantastic opportunity for the hundred companies that chose to settle on the site,” comments Laurent Tricart, Event and Strategy Coordinator of Plaine Images. “Our goal is to develop the synergies between the companies of the cluster. This is the reason why we welcome this new infrastructure with enthusiasm.“

Eura DC

ARD-COM and ATE decided to pool a part of their expertise to produce a greater synergy and better meet the increased demands of customers. This new local data center provides strong connectivity and is a tool that will ensure both companies move forward and anchor our leads and customers in the “professional cloud of tomorrow.”