The Sixth Annual Greater Chicago & Midwest Data Center Summit will be held June 7, 2017 at VenueOne in Chicago. The summit will feature 40+ speakers who will offer comprehensive analysis of the market opportunities and challenges. The event will feature 13 hours of combined informational panels and networking. Participating endusers will represent leading financial institutions and the region’s most active firms. More than 2,500 senior-level industry executives have attended this premier regional summit over the last four years.

“We continue to sponsor CapRate Events because their regional shows are well targeted and guaranteed to draw a seasoned crowd of data center experts,” said Tony Campitelli, VP of marketing, Canara. 

The event will raise key questions, including:

  • What are the implications of new consolidators emerging in the data center arena?

  • What firms were most active in 2016?

  • What types of industry changes might we expect in 2017?

  • How will political changes around the globe impact the data center industry in 2017?

  • What are the new innovations relative to connectivity and data center design?

  • What is the global outlook in 2017 for data center investment and development?

  • Why is there such a huge valuation differential between the “haves” and “have nots,” e.g., scale, cash flow, strategic relevance?

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