Internet infrastructure specialist Flexenclosure has taken a firm grip on the cable landing station market in the Pacific region with a second order in as many weeks. Flexenclosure has announced that it will deliver a cable landing station to Belau Submarine Cable Corporation (BSCC) in Palau.  Last month, Flexenclosure announced a separate deal for two cable landing stations in Samoa.

BSCC have ordered Flexenclosure’s eCentre CLS solution to terminate the island nation’s connection to the SEA-US trans-Pacific cable.  The SEA-US project will connect Indonesia to California via the Philippines, Guam and Hawaii, and will provide Palau with its first ever direct fibre connection to the rest of the world.

Construction of the eCentre at Flexenclosure’s factory in Sweden has already been completed.  The facility is now en route to Palau where deployment is planned for the spring of this year.

Bringing broadband to Palau

“Being able to finally introduce reliable high speed Internet services to the nation’s 21,000 inhabitants is of huge importance to Palau, as the country is only connected via satellite today,” said George Rechucher, Chairman of BSCC.  ”This has been a very long time coming and will help to transform Palau into a more globally engaged society.”

“Flexenclosure is a global leader in data centre facilities and we’re confident their eCentre cable landing station provides the ideal solution for us.”

eCentre’s expanding global footprint

On 27th February Flexenclosure announced an order for two cable landing stations from Samoa Submarine Cable Company Limited (SSCC) where they will terminate the new submarine TUI-Samoa cable, connecting Samoa, Fiji, and Wallis and Futuna. 

“We are delighted to be expanding our presence in the Pacific with this new facility for BSCC,” said David King, CEO, Flexenclosure. ” It reinforces not only the supreme versatility of our eCentre product, but also our commitment to the Pacific region and our ability to deliver projects to some of the most remote communities on the planet.”

Flexenclosure is a specialist in prefabricated eCentre cable landing stations specifically for the submarine cable industry. They can be built to accommodate permanent staff or to be unmanned 24 x7 facilities. And with eCentre’s modular construction, facilities can easily be expanded to accommodate additional equipment as data traffic grows, all without interrupting on-going operations.

Flexenclosure has pioneered the deployment of prefabricated data centre technology into many developing nations in Africa, Latin America and Asia, as well as managing projects in Europe. The upcoming eCentre deployments in Palau and Samoa firmly cement Flexenclosure’s presence in the Pacific region.