EnerSys® will feature space saving energy storage products and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) battery backup solutions for data center applications in booth number 50 at DCD Enterprise New York 2017. The conference and exhibition will take place March 14-15 at the Marriott Marquis in New York.

EnerSys offers an array of UPS backup battery options and outdoor battery enclosures designed to address the need of data centers to maximize space utilization, lower total operating costs and deliver increased performance demands. DataSafe® XE batteries have been specifically designed to meet the growing need for sub-five minute, high-rate discharge applications. VaultFlex™ outdoor UPS enclosures offer a selection of heating and cooling options designed to maintain the proper operating temperature for backup battery systems in the most extreme environments and can provide more indoor space for personnel and other equipment.

“Today’s data centers require dependable battery backup in case their main power source is interrupted,” said Dan Roche, marketing manager, UPS at EnerSys. “At the same time, facilities are looking to add more usable space by moving the batteries outside. EnerSys has the complete solution to achieve maximum reliability in a cost efficient package.”

Attendees at the show will have the opportunity to learn about how the following EnerSys solutions contribute to cost-effective, reliable data center management:

· DataSafe® XE front and top terminal batteries have been developed to meet the challenging demands of the modern UPS market sector. Engineered with the most advanced and superior manufacturing processes, DataSafe® XE batteries are designed with Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology to deliver five monoblocs with outstanding features and benefits. The construction of the batteries is key to their unique performance, capable of supporting short duration runtimes under five minutes.

“DataSafe® XE batteries are specifically designed to meet the needs of the evolving data center market,” said Roche. “We estimate that, compared to conventional lead acid batteries, DataSafe® XE batteries can reduce the total cost of ownership by up to 25% percent.”

· VaultFlex™ outdoor UPS battery enclosures provide a secure, thermally managed environment that maximizes the life and performance of UPS batteries with minimal lifecycle Operating Expense (OpEx). Outdoor rated construction provides the flexibility to take UPS batteries outside in order to free up space inside the data center for additional revenue-generating equipment. VaultFlex™ outdoor battery enclosures can also be mounted adjacent to modular, containerized UPS systems. Users can even opt to keep their batteries indoors within the thermally managed VaultFlex™ enclosure and raise the temperature of the data center room. This can result in significant utility savings while still maintaining optimal battery temperatures.

“Taking battery backup systems outside with VaultFlex™ thermally managed enclosures creates an opportunity to safely expand outdoors without the need for costly brick-and-mortar expansion,“ said Roche. ”With the ability to withstand extreme weather and even earthquakes, VaultFlex™ outdoor enclosures provide a cost-effective and secure means of expansion, enabling facilities to create more indoor space.”