Kentix MultiSensor® technology is designed as an all-in-one solution that detects all major threats with only one sensor and sends out alerts instantly before they lead to expensive blackouts. Kentix products are completely IT-based and are easily integrated even in distributed IT infrastructure. Close the gap in IT security and meet ISO27000 standards with Kentix solutions.

Unlike outages that are caused by software errors, the downtime with physical defects is usually longer and more expensive. Common threats in server rooms and IT racks are:

  • Over temperature

  • Power outage or UPS errors

  • Fire or smoldering fire

  • Water leakage

  • Burglary and theft

  • Human errors


Kentix monitoring solutions offers a 360° environmental monitoring of data center infrastructure for a higher availability of IT and a maximum of security in server rooms and data centers.

  • Climate monitoring

  • Intrusion detection system

  • Early fire detection

  • Power monitoring

  • Access system

  • Server live check

Kentix monitoring systems detect over 35 physical threats in IT infrastructure with only few components. The all-in-one solution you can easily replace several individual solutions such as temperature sensors, burglar alarm systems, or fire alarm systems and save about two-thirds of the usual cost. Kentix is never a "CAPEX" its always an "OPEX".