iCIMS Inc. has announced that it has launched a European Union (EU) data center to serve its growing global customer base. With data centers in the US, EU and Canada, iCIMS provides international businesses with hosting options while upholding Privacy Shield certification for US-EU data transfer and compliance.

"The launch of a EU data center to better support European-headquartered customers is the latest in a series of investments that iCIMS has made to its infrastructure," said Colin Day, chairman and chief executive officer at iCIMS. "This is a big step in ensuring we are committed to serving the hiring needs of our global customers."

iCIMS has also recently completed the EU-US Privacy Shield certification by the U.S. Department of Commerce and has taken our commitment to global customers a step further by offering on-continent data storage. With the launch of iCIMS' EU data center, iCIMS customers operating out of Europe have the option to better meet regulatory requirements.

"Our enterprise and international customers rely on our business to keep their applicant data safe and processes compliant in a world of rapidly changing data protection and security standards," said Al Smith, vice president of technology at iCIMS. "By offering the option to host their talent acquisition system of record in Europe, iCIMS provides EU customers with a simple way to meet EU regulatory requirements and reduce business risk."