Infomart Data Centers has announced that DE-CIX Dallas is operational and available for service in its Infomart Dallas Building Meet-Me Room (BMMR). Infomart customers connecting through the BMMR inside its 1950 N. Stemmons Fwy. facility can now further reduce latency and gain more control over routing paths via DE-CIX's peering and interconnection services. Staying true to its commitment to providing industry-leading connectivity options as a client amenity, Infomart offers this access at no monthly cross-connect fee.

Connecting through Infomart Dallas' BMMR provides customers the fastest path to international and domestic network, content, cloud and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), enabling connections between more than 75 network carriers and all colocation customers within the building. DE-CIX is the first and only carrier-neutral internet exchange in the Infomart Dallas MMR, connecting dozens of networks with multiple access points throughout the Dallas metro market.

"The DE-CIX Dallas internet exchange has been well-received, enabling us to activate Infomart Dallas within six months of initial launch," remarks Ed d'Agostino, vice president, DE-CIX North America Inc. "This expansion allows more networks in the market to have easy access to our peering and interconnection fabric. Infomart's BMMR customers are now just a cross-connect away from all networks connected to DE-CIX Dallas' distributed peering fabric accessible across multiple data centers. Additionally, BMMR customers can leverage DE-CIX's MetroVLAN service for private peering interconnections throughout the metro area."

"Our vision is to create an open and interconnected environment at the Infomart," adds John Sheputis, president, Infomart Data Centers. "We are enabling carriers and customers to further extend their interconnection options in what is already one of the most connected buildings in the U.S. DE-CIX Dallas plays an important part in helping us realize that vision."

Since its launch in July 2015, Infomart has experienced fast growth of connectivity within its BMMR. Along with DE-CIX Dallas, carriers including Level 3 Communications, Unite Private Networks, InnerCity FiberNet, Cogent Communications, Wirestar, FPL FiberNet and Served by the Net have built into the meet-me room. Infomart Dallas is the largest data center in Texas and the hub of connectivity for the Southern U.S. The facility is home to numerous retail colocation providers, as well as Infomart- operated wholesale colocation space developed in the carrier hotel for enterprise users with edge connectivity requirements. Infomart Dallas was recently awarded the Management & Operations (M&O) "Stamp of Approval" certification by Uptime Institute.