Motivair Corporation’s MCDU 4U In-Rack Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) is an in-rack alternative to its full line of CDUs for use with Motvair’s ChilledDoor® or other IT computer cooling systems. The MCDU 4U offers a cooling capacity of 80kW (with Motivair’s ChilledDoor®) or 105kW (with other IT computer cooling systems), and is ideal for smaller IT deployments, areas with space constraints, or to address hot spots in air cooled data centers.

The flexible design of the new MCDU 4U allows for placement anywhere in the server rack and offers scalability for future upgrades without major retrofit or new equipment. With this recent addition to Motivair’s line of CDUs, endusers now have an expanded range of options to meet their cooling needs by providing 100% sensible cooling up to 1.25 MW (per unit), depending on the model.

A CDU provides the ability to deploy higher density, load diverse IT equipment in a smaller footprint while at the same time improving a facility’s overall efficiency (PUE), and life expectancy. Motivair’s CDUs are designed to control and separate colder facility water supplies from the IT cooling infrastructure. This action of decoupling allows the CDU to accurately monitor and control the flow and temperature of clean, cool fluid to all types of IT cooling systems, including active and passive rear door heat exchangers or liquid cooling systems (direct-to-chip or on-chip).