Ruskin’s DFD-LP dynamic fire is the only low-profile integral frame-sleeve high-performance dynamic fire damper in the industry. The 1½-hour rated single aerodynamic blade dynamic (fan on) or static (fan off) fire damper also uses the easiest resettable fuse link in the industry. The easy reset arm helps in testing to meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements.

Featuring galvanized steel construction, the damper’s aerodynamic-shaped blade and integral sleeve/frame make it a perfect fit for high-velocity applications. The damper is rated for 4,000 feet per minute (fpm) and a standard static pressure of 4 in. w.g. on all sizes.

The DFD-LP is also rated for dual-direction air flow and can be installed vertically in walls or horizontally in masonry floors. The standard DFD-LP assembly is supplied with a 16-inch-long sleeve and is designed to be installed in wall or floors up to eight inches deep. Longer 18- and 20-inch-long sleeves are also available. Weighing approximately four pounds per square foot, the damper also offers a fast single-side mounting angle and easy-opening crank lever.

The DFD-LP is UL555 rated and meets NFPA and ICC International Building Code requirements.