FNT Software has announced a partnership with Colt Data Centre Services, a market dominating provider for colocation and IT infrastructure solutions with industry-leading operational standards. Together the companies successfully deployed a DCIM implementation project powered by FNT Command.

Over the course of six months, FNT and Colt implemented the FNT Command DCIM solution across all of Colt’s 22 data centres in Europe. The implementation process was then replicated across Colt Data Centre Service’s Asian data centres, bringing an additional seven locations online with DCIM functionality. FNT Command provided a centralized management and optimization solution that now supports all colocation facilities. The quick implementation was the result of a very structured process between the companies. It included a comprehensive analysis of bespoke systems that were replaced by FNT Command, as well as current and planned processes that needed improvements.

“We did not simply need a DCIM solution to manage our data centres, but a more comprehensive solution, with which we could answer both our own and our customers’ short and long term requirements,” stated Romain Tranchant, operational systems manager at Colt Data Centre Services. “This large-scale system helps people throughout our organization and our customer base to work together more efficiently, as they all share the same data set and thereby improve process efficiency.”

The partnership allows both parties to work together to address some of the current challenges in delivering services in a colocation context. FNT and Colt Data Centre Services share their respective knowledge on how to implement a new software both technically and organizationally.

“Through the early conversations we had, it was very clear, that Colt DCS was an interesting party for FNT to work with,” said Soeren Juul Schroeder, vice president UK/Ireland & Nordics/Baltics at FNT Software. “Colt DCS knew what they wanted, but also where they wanted to see efficiencies. The partnership has already provided FNT with unique insights into the daily life of a leading colocation provider, and consequently, resulted in many improvements to the FNT offer for that segment.”

“When we initially decided to look for a DCIM solution, we found the market to be very disappointingly covered, seeing from the perspective of a colocation provider,” Tranchant adds. “All solutions were focused on assets in racks and the main reason for partnering with FNT was the fact that they were willing to work with us from the perspective of a colocation provider.”

FNT also provided tailored software trainings and shared expert knowledge to support the ambitious project plan.

“The most influencing factor for the project’s success were weekly champions meetings requesting decisions to be made in order to ensure continued progress and allowing all stakeholders to provide input and share learnings,” Tranchant stated.

As part of this implementation, FNT and Colt are developing an industry-specific solution. A new customer-facing portal is already in development, which will allow Colt DCS to deliver value-add services to their customers in a highly professional manner.