Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies will showcase the latest system solutions for copper, fiber, and IT/AV networks at the BICSI Winter Conference from January 23-25, 2017 in Tampa, FL. On display at Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies booth #637 in the Tampa Convention Center, these systems enable migration to 25G, 40G, 100G, and 400G networks, and solve some of the latest IT/AV network challenges.

The Atlas-X1TM System is built on a unified connector form-factor and termination method across Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A, and Cat 8. The feature-rich system supports mission-critical networks and allows for a seamless migration from 1GBASE-T to 40GBASE-T. Conference attendees can get a live demonstration of Atlas-X1 Category 8 connectivity.

The Leviton Opt-X® Unity System provides options for installing and reusing a 24-fiber backbone through multiple tech upgrades from 10G to 40G, 100G or 400G. The system of MTP connectors, trunk cables, harnesses, array cords, adapter plates and cassettes eliminates the need to rip and replace cabling while minimizing downtime and reducing labor costs over the life of the network.

New HDX TAP Cassettes help provide real-time monitoring in the network or storage area network (SAN). The passive traffic analysis points (TAPs) enable channel traffic to be reviewed for anomalies in network security or performance. The Leviton TAP cassettes, part of the popular HDX platform of cassettes and adapter plates, eliminate the need for an additional panel for deployment, increase density and reduce the fiber footprint in a cabinet.

The Berk-Tek Everything IP platform provides the infrastructure needed to support evolving enterprise demands resulting from enhanced wireless and HDBaseT applications that require 10G connections. The Everything IP platform features Berk-Tek’s best-in-class LANmarkTM-XTP Cat 6A cable, which is uniquely designed with a discontinuous foil tape that ensures maximum network performance and minimizes heat rise associated with high-PoE applications.

GIGAliteTM-10XB OM4+ optical fiber + Berk-Tek Enhanced Transceivers provide the industry’s only solution for reaching 500 meters at 40Gbps. This unique capability is especially important in the Enterprise, where fiber backbones are quickly becoming taxed by ever-increasing bandwidth demand. Booth visitors will walk through a demonstration of this unique solution, which is offered at less than a 10% cost increase over an OM3 link.

Leviton IT/AV solutions help prepare classrooms and conference rooms for the latest technologies like UHD displays with 4K resolution. Visitors to the booth can see new additions to Leviton’s plug-and-play IT/AV Systems, such as innovative AV control wallplates that connect, switch and extend multiple high-definition AV signals to displays or projectors, with no programming required.

Berk-Tek’s LANmarkTM-10G Outside Plant cable is designed to connect high-speed data applications requiring Category 6A performance and is uniquely constructed to withstand outdoor conditions. This new product can be installed aerially or buried in conduit or duct, where building-to-building interconnections must be made. Berk-Tek will have pre-production prototype samples of this new product on display in booth 637.