OCC’s (Optical Cable Corporation) RJ-45 plug with integral circuit board technology is designed to provide advanced control of crosstalk, return loss, and other impediments, ensuring consistent performance at higher frequencies up to 2000 MHz.

Category 8 Ethernet cable will play a major role in meeting today’s burgeoning needs for high-speed communications, whether in the data center, voice, video or other high bandwidth applications that run on copper cable for distances up to 30 meters.

To ensure that Category 8 adopters will effectively reach data speeds of up to 40 Gb/s — four times the speeds of many of today’s users.

Prior to the introduction of this product cable engineers viewed the challenge of transmitting data at rates of up to four times faster over a standard RJ-45 connector as a major concern.

The new plug, which was recently granted a patent for circuit board layout and the advanced materials used in its construction, is ideal for direct-attach, high-speed links and data center server connections.

The new RJ-45 plug is also compatible with OCC’s family of ruggedized RJ-45 connectors, a family of receptacles, plugs, and back shells that enables users to extend their Ethernet platforms into harsh industrial and military operating environments.