EnerSys® VaultFlex™ thermally managed enclosures can be installed outdoors at data/communication sites, adjacent to shelters or central offices, in order to free up space for network equipment.

VaultFlex™ outdoor enclosures offer a selection of heating and cooling options designed to maintain the proper operating temperature for backup battery systems in the most extreme environments. Designed to provide protection from weather and other outdoor conditions, VaultFlex™ outdoor enclosures help contribute to extended life, reduced maintenance and less frequent replacement of the batteries. VaultFlex™ outdoor enclosures also include passive ventilation that mitigates hydrogen gas, and are constructed to protect the battery backup system from earthquakes.

Other features of VaultFlex™ outdoor enclosures include rugged construction and modularity to provide the flexibility needed to meet the particular needs of each network operator, while delivering cost savings, an optimum use of space and easy expandability.

VaultFlex™ outdoor enclosures support a wide range of battery chemistries, including the PowerSafe® SBS battery and PowerSafe® V Front Terminal battery, both manufactured with proprietary Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology to provide high reliability, long service life and excellent high-rate performance. Also supported are PowerSafe® DDmP125-33 batteries, including an enhanced cell design with thicker positive plates for longer life.